Mission Statement

Here’s what I’m trying to do: I’ve collected so many recipes online over a long period of time that I will probably never try them all. A few have become staples and some inspired other culinary directions entirely. Some (probably many) came from blogs that no longer exist. Doing this publicly is a good way to force me to inventory the whole collection and see what’s still active, bringing attention to the particularly good stuff.

It doubles as a good way to take a critical view of my own online recipe collection at Regensblog and revamp, reformat and renovate those.

I like the idea of having an archive here, but also sending new (infrequent) posts out as a newsletter. If you want this in your e-mail, click the Register link on the right. You’ll only receive newsletters from the date you register, but back issues (i.e., old posts) will be here. First post goes out tonight!

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