What is this? And when can we eat?

My husband and I didn’t properly learn to cook until we moved to Germany from Detroit in 2004. We could both turn on a stove and boil pasta or bake up a box of brownie mix, but we didn’t really bother with technique and innovation until we were away from home. If we craved something, we had to learn to make it. And I got quite good at researching. I started off just using search engines, but I began noticing frequent results from some food blogs and reference sources that just fit my palate and skill range. So I’d collect appealing recipes from those trusted sources and generate monthly lists of links.

The thing is, though, I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, so I’ve got a heap of recipes the size of K-2. I mentioned my weird fixation to folks I often interact with on Twitter and they suggested turning it into a newsletter, so this is going to be a digest of the 8+ years of recipe roundups idling in my e-mail. I’ll only post things that I’ve tried myself, made with ingredients I can get or have a proven workaround for. 

I hope you’re hungry.